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Opening hours at the High Coast Airport

Monday – Thursday 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Friday 6:00 to 21:00

Saturday Closed

Sunday 15:15 to 10:00 p.m.

Getting to and from the High Coast Airport


The High Coast Airport can be reached by car, air taxi and train. The airport is directly related to Ådalsbanan / Botniabanan. We must say, however, that the train times at the current train schedule unfortunately does not match so well together that we want with some of our flight times. Work is underway to bring about a better compliance for all departures and arrivals.

Here you can see the train schedules that apply.

We recommend that you book your rental car before arrival. If you want to rent a car on the spot, expect a little waiting before the car is delivered.

For reservations and information:
AVIS 0620-135 30
Hertz 0620-135 07
Europcar 0770-770050, 0660-811 87

Parking is free! Engine pre-heater costs 25 SEK / day.
Details of the Service Centre in the terminal building.

Call 08-120920 00 or visit their website www.flygtaxi.se.

Peckish & Internet


Coffee and Vending Machine
Are you hungry for something good, you can buy coffee, sandwiches, sweets and drink our coffee vending machine

Do you have a spare moment or need to work while you wait? In this case, you at no charge to connect to the Internet.

Security Control


This is how it works:

  • Add your hand luggage on the belt for the X-ray machine and take off your outer garments, which are also to be X-rayed.
  • You will now pass through the metal detector. If you have anything illegal on you through security so you are asked to leave the object / objects, or if there is time to check in there.

NOTE: For information about which items are not permitted in hand baggage, please visit the Transport Agency’s website. prohibited items

The security check is not obligated to store the items you must not take with you, you can choose to throw, go to the information and store the object there, or send it by mail home. In our (High Coast Airport’s) case, you are on time turn to check-in to put the item in your checked baggage or alternatively check in an additional bag.

Prohibited Items

We are in the air from the 12th of August!

The Swedish Transport Administration has assigned the flight traffic between Vilhelmina, Hemavan and Lycksele to Stockholm-Arlanda to Amapola Flyg AB. The Air operator will fly Hemavan Tärnaby Airport with High Coast Airport. The traffic start [...]

Nextjet strengthen the company`s financial situation.

Nextjet´s owners have, at an extra general meeting, decided to strengthen the company’s financial situation in both short and long term. This means that Nextjet will fly as usual even after the 17th of November. [...]

Back on track to …

Nextjet kommer från den 09 januari att sätta in större flygplan på morgonflighter till Arlanda och på kvällsflighter från Arlanda. Dessutom kommer det att gå att flyga till och från Gällivare igen. Nextjet har flugit [...]