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Before the flight

Infart till Höga Kusten Airport

The entrance to the High Coast Airport


Plan and communicate needs
Plan your trip and notify your airline in advance of requests and special needs and service disability.

If you have reduced mobility that makes special demands during the flight, you must state this at booking of tickets. Inform at the booking of the trip that you use a wheelchair. It is not possible for wheelchair passengers to bring their own wheelchair in the cabin. The wheelchair is transported in the hold of the aircraft. The wheelchair must not weigh more than 50 kg. It is shipped free of charge and is not included in the baggage allowance.

The airlines will forward the information to the airport, which is responsible for escorting when you are at the airport. Remember to be clear about what your needs are before and during the trip. Without knowledge the staff can not provide the best possible service.

Under EU rules, people with reduced mobility have right to escort if reservation is made 48 hours prior to scheduled departure. If the reservation is not made in time, you still get assistance at the airport, but the staff can then not give exactly the service you need.
Book an escort if you:

  • need special service to get to and from the aircraft and to get on board
  • use portable oxygen equipment
  • a wheelchair and uses a wheelchair, alternatively, electric / battery-powered
  • have impaired vision or hearing and need direct information
  • need guide dog
  • need special services at different disabilities
  • need special service with luggage

Upon arrival at the airport
At the airport there are disabled parking close to the airport building. Air taxis park right next to the airport building at the entrance to the departure hall.
If you come by train, for more information about trains, is the possibility of shuttel from the train station to the airport, 1.5 km. Must be booked on 0612-71 81 10. For wheelchair bound booked special taxi, booked on 0612-10000 least one day in advance.

Parkerkeringsplats med handikapparkering närmast, ca 20 meter till avgångshall.

Parkerkeringsplats the closest disabled parking, about 20 meters to the departure hall.

Meeting place is at the information desk / cash in the departure hall where travelers with disabilities can announce their arrival at the airport and request an escort. Leave where the same information as you did when you ordered the ticket. Thus, you get confirmation that the airline has registered all the data on your needs and preferences. You will be helped from the venue to the gate and board the aircraft to the aircraft seat.

Avgångshall med mötesplats rakt fram i Servicecenter

Severance Hall with the meeting straight through the Service Center

In the departure hall
In the departure hall there is a toilet for the disabled, coffee and vending machines.

Cafeteria, toaletter och varuautomat

Cafeteria, restrooms and vending machine

Hearing loss
In the departure hall provides information on arrival and departure times on the information boards and monitors. There is also information desk. Hearing loop available.

Visual impairment
Information is provided via loudspeaker announcements, information clerks, and personal escorts

Check-in and security
You need to be at the meeting point at least 1 hour prior to departure, or earlier if you have received the information from the airline. We use manual check-in desk, where you show proof of travel and legitimizes you.
Once the check is complete, you are escorted through security to the gate and on to the boarding. Monitors can normally board with you before the other passengers board.

Incheckning och säkerhetskontroll i anslutning till Gate

Check-in and security next to gate

Wheelchair bound passenger rolled to aircraft steps and are carried into the aircraft by means of a litter.

During the flight

On board the aircraft
On board the aircraft, the airline is responsible for the passengers because each airline has individual rules established for each type of aircraft. Among other things, special investment rules for travelers who can not get to an emergency exit.

At arrival
Escorts will meet up outside the aircraft door
Upon arrival meet escorts up outside the aircraft door. If you can not move inside the plane escorts pick up after other passengers have disembarked.

Personal beredd att ledsaga vid ankomst

Staff prepared to escort upon arrival

Get off the airplane with wheelchair is done by escorts that carry you in a special palanquin down the aircraft steps to your own wheelchair. If you have a power wheelchair, switch usually first to the aerodrome manual wheelchair loan at the aircraft door and you get back your electric vehicle at the baggage claim.

Escort after alighting
You get an escort from the aircraft on to the arrival hall and baggage pickup. Escorting ends close to the next mode of transport. If you are going by train, you must have booked the shuttle to the train station located 1.5 km from the airport. Bookings made on 0612-718110. For more information on trains For wheelchair bound booked special taxi, booked on 0612-10000 least one day in advance.

In the arrival hall
In the arrival hall there are luggage carts with your luggage. There is also information desk for taxis and rental cars. Toilet for the disabled are available in the terminal building.

Ankomsthall med informationsdisk för taxi och hyrbilar

Arrival hall with information desk for taxis and rental cars

Outside Arrivals
Directly outside the arrivals hall are air taxis set for further transport to Kramfors and Sollefteå. Parking for car rental is about 50 m away to the left of the main car park.