Nextjet strengthen the company`s financial situation.

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Nextjet strengthen the company`s financial situation.

Nextjet´s owners have, at an extra general meeting, decided to strengthen the company’s financial situation in both short and long term. This means that Nextjet will fly as usual even after the 17th of November.

Nextjet has a significant important role in the infrastructure to and from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki in many of the smaller cities in Sweden and Finland. Since a little more than a year the company, under its new owners, carries out extensive actions to lower the cost and increase the revenue.

The strengthening of the company´s finances will, in a first step, be done by a new share issue covering 42,5 MSEK. At the same time, more actions are carried out including a modernization of the fleet where the first step is to sell two aircraft. That will strengthen the company´s financial situation as well. In total, the company will strengthen its finances with approximately 70 MSEK.

The company has had a positive trend in the amount of passengers during the past six months and the forecast for the coming six is also looking positive.

The new share issue means that Nextjet has taken the necessary measures to obtain its permanent operating license again.


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