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The airport was opened in 1974. From 1984 the airport has had a direct line to Stockholm. Until 1997 the airport was operated by the municipality of Kramfors with support from Sollefteå.

The Airport Company was established in 1997 with the Kramfors and Sollefteå municipalities as partners. The transition to the corporate form gave both municipalities the opportunity for insight and influence operations.

The Company’s Board of Directors, from Kramfors Municipality Gudrun Sjödin chairman, Jan Sahlen and Robert Sandström. From Sollefteå Municipality Åsa Sjöden vice chairman, John Åberg and Peter Oremo.

CEO & Airport Manager Per Enroth tel 0612-71 81 23, e-mail address per.enroth@hkairport.se

The company’s role is to provide a well-functioning airport to allow for the region vital air link to Stockholm.

Sollefteå Kommun
Kramfors Kommun

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